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Parcel Proctection Services

*** Account Must Be Created For Use Of Parcel Protection Services ***

ATN Distribution, in association with 





is now offering Parcel Protection Services for Kelowna, West Kelowna / Westbank, Peachland and the *Westside Road!

* - Westside Road coverage is currently only as far North as Fintry

Worry No More!

Have your items shipped directly to our Secure Drop Off Location where we will receive your parcel, notify you when it has arrived & keep it secure from porch-pirates and weather until you are available to pick it up


We will arrange to deliver it to you after 5pm when you are home from your busy day!

Rates are as follows:

  • Customer Parcel Pick Up = $3.00 per package

Parcels will be held at our location for 3 business days. After the 3 day grace period has passed, a $1.00 per day holding fee will be charged to your account until the item(s) have been picked up or delivery day is arranged.

  • Parcel Delivery to Customer = $10.00 per delivery trip

Once you have been notified your parcel(s) have arrived, we will arrange with you to either pick up your item(s) at your convenience or have them delivered an evening you will be home after 5pm. If we arrive on the decided day of delivery and no one is available to receive the parcel(s), you will be notified and they will be returned to our secure location and extra delivery fees will be charged per attempted delivery.

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