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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I use a Courier Service?

A: Using a courier service can be cheaper and more beneficial to your Company in the long run. It allows you and your employees to be available to your customers, saves you money on fuel and insurance costs, and reduces maintenance on your personal vehicles.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: If you are looking for Residential Services (Furniture & Small moves), please give us a call.

For our Commercial Services, please Sign In to your C.A.L.I. Account using your chosen Email and Password, then open the "Place an Order" tab in the drop-down menu.

On this page you will start by filling in the email in which you would like to be notified about your order(s), this is normally the email you log in with but can be any email you choose, then you may proceed to fill out the form as it describes. 

All lines are required ( * ) except the Special Instructions, P.O.D. Request Box and

the Round-Trip Check box.

Every order that is placed generates an email sent to the chosen email at the top of the order form, if you do not receive this email within 30 minutes, please contact us immediately, this email is just a confirmation the order has been received and will not include any information about the order.

If you require an electronic copy of the information, please select the P.O.D. (proof of delivery) Request box and when your order is delivered, an email will be sent to you with the time and who signed.

For N.S.R. (no-signature required) deliveries ATN takes 3 photographs (label, location, address) and these can also be sent upon request.

Q: What is and how do I get a Commercial Account?

A: Commercial accounts are for any businesses (Industrial, Retail or Home Based) who are looking to have pickups and deliveries shipped through ATN on a regular basis.

On the top of this page (or in the menu if you are on mobile) you will see 'Commercial Account Log In', this is our new C.A.L.I. Order Portal, click on this and it will open a Log In Screen. Look for the orange "Sign Up" link and fill out the required information.

After the form is filled out and submitted, our Admin Team will go over the submission and approve your account (this could take up to 30 minutes) and you may need to answer a few service-based questions before your account is approved.

Once approved, your account will need to be activated via the link sent to your chosen email. Proceed to log in and verify your information is correct under the "My Account" section (address information may not have saved). As soon as your information is updated and verified you can start placing orders under the "Place an Order" tab.

Please Note, at the bottom of the "My Account" section you will see 'Account Settings, update the information you share with the community'. There Is NO Community Page associated with ATN. Customers of ATN can not and will not be able to see or communicate with each other.

Didn't See Your Question?

Please reach out to us via our Contact Page and we will get it answered for you!

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